The Oklahoma Athletics Softball Academy was founded in 2010 by Mike Madden and Brian Madden. Our Academy is a not for profit public charity, which is overseen by our Board of Directors; Mike Madden, Brian Madden, Tim White, Darryl Williams, and Danielle Norvelle. The A’s started as a single team and has since evolved into 25+ teams, ranging in ages from 8 to 18.

Our goal is to develop our players in the sport of fastpitch softball while assisting them by earning scholarships and furthering their education.

The Athletics have grown each year in terms of development. We provide our players with the knowledge and opportunities to play in the most competitive tournaments. Our Academy is respected by tournament directors and college coaches.

We value, above all else, teaching our players, parents, and coaches to respect the game, their opponents, and officials. We expect our girls to work hard and be ready to compete in any situation.


The primary goal of the Oklahoma Athletics Softball Academy is to provide a competitive environment for our gifted athletes to develop their softball skills to their fullest potential. We will also provide opportunities for our players to be seen by college coaches, so they can further their softball careers and reach their ultimate goal of getting a college education. We will also play the game right and have class as an organization on and off the field. The organization emphasizes hard work, commitment, and determination.


  • Athletics Work Hard
  • Athletics Play Fast
  • Athletics are Fundamentally Sound
  • Athletics do not make excuses or let others make excuses for us
  • Athletics are good teammates
  • Athletics are fully committed!


  • A’s All Day- We play hard and are relentless competitors every day.
  • Focus! Play the game one pitch at a time, Focus every pitch, every moment.
  • Athletic Nation – Togetherness, All in